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The summer is hot, and the production of Fengming Cable is also in full swing. Gathering all the energy to move forward, Fengming Cable held a dinner team-building activity on May 31. Everyone tasted the rich delicacies, relaxed their mood and enhanced their feelings amidst the laughter and laughter.

The person in charge of the company raised a glass to express his gratitude to every employee of Fengming Cable for their hard work in the past two quarters.

The party came to an end with a spontaneous singing session by employees.

Everyone had an unforgettable night and made wonderful memories.

Fengming Cable has always strived to create a good working atmosphere and corporate culture. At work, we are like-minded colleagues who are pragmatic and truth-seeking and work together in unity; in life, we are family members who are as close as brothers and sisters, caring and encouraging each other.

We strive for the same goal!

Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory, establecida en 1997, es un fabricante profesional de cables especiales, ubicado en el condado de Baoying, ciudad de Yangzhou, con un área de 50,000 metros cuadrados, construcción ...

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